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We are a specialist consultancy providing advice and education in pharmaceutical business ethics and compliance.

In the modern pharmaceutical industry good compliance is about much more than following rules. It is about sound decision making in complex situations where regulation and precedent can be unclear.

Good compliance education, ethical compliance, explains why rules are there and demonstrates how to interpret them. It can cross international borders and explain differences of opinion. It empowers people and reduces business risk.

About Us

We provide the following services to pharmaceutical companies and pharma allied agencies.

The SENSE™ programme:

  • The SENSE™ programme is a completely new approach to learning in pharmaceutical business ethics and compliance

Consultancy advice on complex initiatives and digital policy:

  • We provide specialist advice and guidance on the implementation of complex initiatives in line with UK and European regulation
  • We specialise in providing guidance on digital initiatives

Interactive training in pharma business ethics and compliance:

  • One and two day in-house courses covering business ethics, national and international codes and laws with multiple examples and scenarios tailored to the roles involved
  • Five day in-house courses run over 6 to 12 months

Insight research into your company beliefs and behaviours:

  • We can survey understanding of key ethics and compliance issues within your company to assess misunderstandings and differences of opinion
  • We can interview selected people to investigate how compliance is understood and conducted within your company

Audit of compliance process:

  • We can provide full audits of compliance with approval processes according to company codes and SOPs

Who we are

Nick Broughton
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Who we work with

Our customers

Pharmaceuticalethics. com has provided educational support to a wide range of large and small pharmaceutical companies and allied agencies including: GSK, Roche, Takeda, Daiichi-Sankyo, Novo Nordisk, ViiV, Novartis, BMS, Gilead, Grunenthal, Alexion, SOBI, Zaicom International, Aurora Communications and Packer Forbes.

Current Affairs

We are fascinated by ethics and compliance issues. Here we give you our take on news stories that caught our eye, both inside and outside the pharma world, recent publications, as well as up and coming events.


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